For more than 20 years, Winning Strategies and Horizon had a successful working relationship, ultimately with the goal of helping Horizon increase its public profile and reputation. As Horizon’s business and the healthcare marketplace evolved, the public relations, marketing and communications initiatives put forth by Winning Strategies were integral in reaching new and existing customer populations.


Over the term of the relationship, Horizon went through numerous changes in corporate structure, culture, branding and identity. During this time, Winning Strategies was Horizon’s partner in navigating the peaks and valleys of business, building media and public support for products and services, and effectively addressing periods of market outcry and negativity. All of the initiatives over the years have been executed based on our primary public relations principle of ensuring timely and effective message distribution, marketplace education and understanding, and looking at tomorrow’s industry challenges today in order to keep Horizon ahead of the curve.


Winning Strategies partnered with Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey on everything from its name change to the turnaround in its troubled finances, its massive growth in the percentage of state residents it insures, rate negotiations with various hospitals, legislative attacks on the compensation of its prior CEO, and consumer complaints about coverage gaps that found their way to Facebook. Winning Strategies also brought Horizon into the world of social media. It built a firm foundation for the future and Winning Strategies subsequently “handed over the keys” to Horizon’s internal social media staffer to continue its success.


In addition to major company milestones, Winning Strategies has worked closely with Horizon to support a number of ongoing programs that have brought attention to Horizon’s uniqueness and innovation in the industry, such as:


  • Full management and support of the Horizon Blimp Tour, which has seen the Horizon Blimp floating through the skies of New Jersey for 16 summers.

  • Launch of initiatives and programs like Horizon Healthy U, Horizon Healthy Plate, Horizon Connect retail centers, and Horizon Healthcare Innovations.

  • Strategic communications and support for the work of The Horizon Foundation for New Jersey and its mission of support of healthcare and the arts in New Jersey.

Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield
of New Jersey