Valley Health System, based in Ridgewood, NJ, is one of New Jersey’s leading comprehensive health systems consisting of a full-service, acute care hospital, a number of physician affiliated offices, and several outpatient facilities across its expansive service area in Bergen County.


Winning Strategies created and continues to drive the efforts behind Valley’s primary e-news program, the Valley Health News Service. This e-news program frequently and consistently enlightens valley audiences of the system’s commitment to open communication and to instill the belief that the brand stands for integrity, safety and quality healthcare. The Valley Health News Service reaches an audience of approximately 25,000, including patients/program subscribers, general public (opt-in subscription), hospital and medical staff, Foundation donors, political leaders, VIPs and primary stakeholders, as well as the media.

Winning Strategies also consults with the hospital on a number of strategic initiatives, of varying degrees, that will steer the future of the health system for years to come.


In recent years, the system faced the reopening of an area acute care hospital, after being shuttered for five years, under the banner of its major competitor in the region. As part of an advertising, marketing and public relations plan, Winning Strategies assembled a comprehensive paid media plan that included a mixture of print, online, and geotargeted online advertising.


Armed with a series of advertorials that differentiated Valley from its competition in key strategic areas, we placed print ads that appeared in the daily and weekly newspapers in a 14-town zone concentric to the reopened hospital. Online ads, linking to electronic versions of the advertorials were placed on strategic Patch sites throughout the 14-town target area. Lastly, the geotargeted online ads reached online users within the 14-town zone, based on specific demographic criteria, with pre-roll, display and retargeting online advertising.


The media program met its targeting goals of reaching households in the 14-town target zone. Online and geotargeted online advertising accounted for nearly 4.5 million impressions, a frequency of nearly 65 impressions per capita across the target zone.

Valley Health System