Winning Strategies worked with Verizon to introduce its FIOS service to the Philadelphia and Pittsburgh markets. Leveraging Verizon’s sponsorship of country music superstar Taylor Swift, we developed an exciting contest that would link Verizon with Taylor Swift and encourage ongoing interaction through dialogue on social networking sites.


The contest platform allowed users to upload videos of themselves singing karaoke versions of one of three Swift songs licensed by the campaign. Contestants could also visit Verizon booths at events throughout the region where a karaoke team would film them singing. The platform allowed entrants to share their videos with friends and users were able to vote for their favorites. Views and votes were tallied in real time.


The contest was advertised widely on Facebook, MySpace Karaoke, (Verizon’s entertainment site) and with Google AdWords. Media outreach invited local anchors and bloggers to attend events and sing their own versions of the songs. Verizon communicated directly and frequently with registrants through Facebook and Twitter updates and through targeted e-mail communications, giving continuous updates on local events and voting status


More than 12,000 individuals registered and cast 153,000 votes. Each registrant was required to give contact information for outreach by FiOS sales teams; registrants between the ages of 13 and 18 were required to give a parent’s contact information, allowing Verizon to reach household decision makers. The campaign led to a 10 percent increase in sales in the targeted regions.

Verizon FIOS