New Jersey Advertising

How To Ensure Your New Jersey Ad Campaign


Cuts Through The Noise 


Grabs Your Target Customers’ Attention


and Generates a Positive ROI

Dear Friend,


If you’re reading this letter, you probably understand how hard it is to run a succesful advertising campaign in New Jersey.


Sandwiched between the first- and third-most expensive media markets in the U.S. – New York and Philadelphia – New Jersey’s complex advertising market has ended many ad executives’ careers.


But the potential rewards are worth the risk. New Jersey is the third-most affluent state in the country, with a median income of $67,458 and an average per capita disposable income of $46,778. This can mean rich profits for your company – but only if you know what you’re doing. This is why you need an agency with…



Specialized Knowledge of

the New Jersey Advertising Market


For more than 20 years, Winning Strategies has helped companies run successful advertising campaigns in New Jersey. Our approach works in New Jersey because we know New Jersey.


Our founder, Jim McQueeny, started the firm in 1995 after a long career steeped in New Jersey media.


He began as a poltical reporter, writing about the backroom deals and mean streets of Hudson County. Over the years he worked his way up to bureau chief for the state’s largest daily newspaper.


Later on, Jim became chief of staff to the late Sen. Frank Lautenberg before he moved to TV. For 6 years Jim hosted a political talk show on the state’s largest cable news channel that’s still running today.


Along the way, Jim learned what matters to people up and down the State of New Jersey and how to connect with them. That specialized knowledge can only come from working with people across the entire spectrum – in business, politics, media, the non-profit community, and academia – is embodied in…



The Winning Strategies Approach


As a firm, we understand how to run successful ad campagins in New Jersey.


What may work elsewhere simply won’t work here - - - because this state is the only one in the nation that doesn’t have its own major media market.


Unless you know how to navigate New Jersey, you’re going to waste a big portion of your budget on reaching people who can’t or won’t do business with you, while skipping over most of the people who will.


If you work with Winning Strategies, you can be sure your ad campaign will have:


  • Laser-focused audience targeting and a channel strategy, created with the precision of a political campaign


  • On-message, on-target, and visually compelling creative design


  • The right media buying strategy – at specially advantaged rates


  • Inherent focus on integrating your paid advertising with digital and social media to build customer relationships – and a robust in-house marketing list



You could spend 20 years - and millions of dollars - to

learn how to advertise in New Jersey…

or you can hire us


The Winning Strategies Method is the culmination of years of successes, hard lessons learned, and innovation – all tailored to New Jersey.


For example, when you work with us, you’ll know:



  • The two advertising channels you should absolutely avoid if you want a positive ROI on your New Jersey ad campaign



  • A little-known technology that can laser-target your TV ads…and only we can get you preferred pricing on it



  • An “old, stale, out-of-date” advertising technique that drives massive results in New Jersey



  • The advertising channel you’re probably ignoring - - - which built a multi-billion-dollar company


…and a lot more



Winning Strategies offers the full gamut of advertising services


  • Copywriting


  • Graphic Design for Print and Digital Advertising


  • Media Buying


  • Digital Marketing


  • Outdoor Media


  • Video Production and Editing


  • Audio Production and Editing


We have put these skills and specific New Jersey expertise to work for a multitude of clients across a wide swath of industries – growing their businesses and producing a positive ROI in the process.

Case Study:


How we helped a New Jersey bus company

grow ridership by 30% - - in less than a year - - 

with a single ad campaign



Academy Bus is one of the Northeast’s leading ground transportation companies, providing charter bus service throughout the region and commuter service between New Jersey and New York City.


Academy’s business goal was to increase daily commuter ridership into New York City from four specific New Jersey counties, with an emphasis on specific underperforming routes.


Winning Strategies developed a comprehensive campaign to engage commuters in Academy’s targeted regions, including a hyper-local online advertising program focused on Academy’s underperforming routes.


In less than a year, ridership on the routes targeted by our digital advertising program increased by 30 percent, with more than 6,000 new leads generated each month and a +200% increase in its social media followers, from less than 1,000 to 3,300 people.



Working with us is easy as 1-2-3


Our clients often tell us they appreciate how fast we move from idea to execution. That’s why we want to make it fast and easy for you to get started as a Winning Strategies client.


All you need to do is:


1. Complete our short, online consultation request form (it takes less than 4 minutes) and we will contact you within one (1) business day to schedule your consultation.


2. During your consultation we will ask you questions and probe more deeply to understand your business goals and how advertising can help you achieve them.


3. Then, if you qualify, Winning Strategies will deliver a detailed plan that fits your budget – and will help you cut through the fractured and highly competitive New Jersey market.


Case Study:


How we helped an Atlantic City, New Jersey airport

take on the big Tri-State area airports - - - and win



With a footprint large enough to fit Philadelphia and Newark Liberty International Airports, Atlantic City International Airport was well-situated for growth –  but limited service led to stagnant passenger counts and unmet potential.


Winning Strategies created a brand campaign – ACWhy? – playing off its official airport code (ACY).


The campaign amplified real life travelers’ positive experiences using the airport…and led to a 31 percent increase in year-over-year business totaling

1.4 million passengers – a record for the airport.

Imagine what it will be like when you become the one in your company that “cracked New Jersey.” Will it mean a promotion? A bigger bonus?


Or, what if you go the safe, traditional route and sink your ad budget into a glossy campaign that spends lots of dollars but yields no results?


The difference will largely come down to which ad agency you pick.


It’s an important choice, because chances are you’ll be asked to sign a long-term contract with whatever agency you choose…at least one year or more -- unless you work with us.


Because in every client relationship we have, we build in…



Our Standard, 30-Day Exit Clause


We believe in building long-term relationships with our clients. That means proving ourselves every day.


We never lock our clients into long-term agreements that may not be to their benefit.


When you choose Winning Strategies, after your first 90 days as a client, you can end your relationship with us with 30 days written notice. Period. End of discussion.


It’s our way of pushing ourselves to do great work for our clients every day, and is meant to make it easier for you to…



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The Promise and Peril of New Jersey


Benjamin Franklin once wrote that New Jersey is like a keg tapped at both ends, with all the live beer running to New York City and Philadelphia.


The sad truth is most businesses helplessly watch their New Jersey ad dollars follow the same wasted outflow.


You should choose Winning Strategies as your ad agency because we know New Jersey, and we know how to effectively advertise in this state – through the right combination of traditional and digital channels – to make your campaign a success.


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P.S. Remember, this is important: Advertising in New Jersey is like no other market in the U.S. Even in a state as large and diverse as California, there are metro media markets for cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Sacramento that make it possible for traditional advertising approaches to work. New Jersey is the only state without its own major media. You need an advertising strategy that’s tailored to New Jersey by an agency that knows New Jersey.


Winning Strategies is the only firm that can combine 20 years of New Jersey knowledge and experience with today’s most effective digital and traditional advertising strategy. Contact us now to arrange a consultation or call us (973) 799-0200.